When I'm not immersed in the world of design, I find joy in a range of creative activities. From painting and pottery to engaging in epic D&D adventures, these outlets fuel my imagination and allow me to express myself. Nature serves as a constant source of inspiration for me, reminding me of the vastness of the world and our place within it. A nature walk is my favorite passtime. Coming from a Fine Art background, I also have a deep appreciation for museums, where I get to travel back in time and explore the wonders of art and culture.

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Hi, I’m Boyu Zhang, a visual & UX designer based in Seattle Washington, I’m also a painter, a potter, and a tinkerer.

My approach to design is driven by empathy, curiosity, and an understanding of the needs of my community. Having been working creatively with different teams and clients, across a wide range of scenarios, I value designs that tell meaningful stories, and believe that good designs should adapt, inspire, empower, and have meaningful impacts on society.

I specialize in:
Web Design
Brand Identity
Design System
Information Architecture
Art Direction
Some of my past and current clients:
Princeton University
Stanford University
UC San Diego
Yale Law
The New School
Frye Art Museum
Slice Pizza
Blue Nile

Collection of Work

Swansons Nursery Retail App

I worked with a local nursery to create an online retail App for them. Swansons retail app helps bring the beauty of nature into people’s home. With streamlined process, users can browse a wide selection of plants, conveniently make purchases within the app, easily track orders, get access to gardening tips and resources. Experience the joy of nature at your fingertips with the Swansons retail app, where simplicity meets botanical inspiration.

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Eviction Lab at Princeton University

Today, the majority of poor renting families in America spend over half of their income on housing costs, and eviction is affecting their lives.

The Eviction Lab is a team of researchers, students, and website architects who believe that a stable, affordable home is central to human flourishing and economic mobility. Drawing on tens of millions of records, the Eviction Lab at Princeton University has published the first ever database to inform the public and help those who are in need. I worked on the new additions and updates to the website.

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Electricity Market Tracker at UCSD

Electricity Market Tracker (EMT) is a multidimensional open data and model platform that supports in-depth research on China’s electricity market and policies. EMT tracks and analyzes the rapidly evolving power sector of China, offering perspectives and insights into the reform of power trading mechanisms, which can support the construction of a reliable, efficient, clean, low-carbon, flexible, and intelligent power system. I worked with researchers from UCSD and developers from Hyperobjekt, recently launched this website.

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Tulsa Oklahoma Eviction Explorer Dashboard

A collaboration with Child Poverty Action Lab and Oklahoma Policy Institute. The Tulsa County Eviction Dashboard makes available local eviction data so that frontline providers, government and agency staff, and policymakers can implement proactive eviction solutions to keep families securely housed.

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Microsoft M365 Office Growth Design Studio

Working as a designer in M365 Office Growth Studio, I helped conceptualize, design, and launch Microsoft 365 experiments, features and products, gather customer insights, improve overall customer experience, enhance engagement, and drive sales. 

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Microsoft Mixed Reality UX Research

I worked as the main designer at Mixed Reality UX Research team to support and collaborate with UX researchers and developers, and implement their findings and recommendations. My scope of work included: Creating and maintaining design system and templates; Developing Human-Centered Design infographics and frameworks that help enable the team to create products and services that resonate with customers’ needs; UX/UI design for internal tools and websites.

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Sequoia Senior Healthcare

The goal of Sequoia is to bridge the gap between healthcare and seniors’ needs by providing better access to exponentially better medical care. Sequoia is a healthcare service that is affordable and efficient, and it empowers seniors to be confident and be in charge of their well-being.

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Blue Nile

Blue Nile is a jewelry retail company that was founded in Seattle. As a visual designer my scope of work included: producing design assets for social media and retail website, ADA compliant marketing templates and redlines, as well as marketing emails.

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Frye Art Museum

A collection of visual design work I have done in-house at Frye Art Museum.

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Elliott Bay Book Company

Brand system and visual design work I have done for Seattle’s most beloved bookstore.

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Augmenting Seattle Asian Art Museum

*Passion Project* AR/VR and VUI design is a huge passion of mine. This is a project where I conceptualized and designed lightweight AR/MR glasses for museum visits. Instead of wearing a traditional audio device and headphones, and having to squeeze through the crowd in order to read the texts about art pieces on the wall, these AR glasses will bring audio and visuals together, providing ease of access for visitors and tourists, and interactive, immersive and fun experience.

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The Raw Magazine

*Passion Project* I create The Raw -- a quarterly magazine that features a curated collection of thought-provoking articles and captivating photographs that shine a spotlight artists who fearlessly challenge societal normals and pushes the boundaries. In a world where the advocacy of sexuality is gaining momentum, The Raw aims to celebrate and explore this powerful and transformative espect of human espression, and create a platform that encouraegs open conversations, fostering an environment where more and more people feel comfortable and empowered to express their own unique perspectives.

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This includes miscellaneous illstrations, animations, etc.

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